Our Process

Mapping Your Path To Financial Security

Safe & Secure Retirement Road Map

Health Care Planning

  • Prepare for long-term care costs without getting long-term care insurance
  • Find the best Medicare plan at the lowest cost for your family
  • Review your life insurance to see if we can enhance your benefits without paying any more into the policy

Estate Planning

  • Ensure your financial affairs are in order to reduce stress on your family
  • Have your Powers of Attorney completed in the event of an emergency
  • Ensure your family has funds for funeral expenses within 48 hours of a loved one passing

Tax Planning

  • Create a tax plan
  • Pay the least amount of taxes over your lifetime
  • Tax diversify your portfolio

Investment Planning

  • We will show you how much risk you’re taking today, and ensure that you are comfortable with that risk
  • Review the fees you are currently paying
  • Make adjustments for better predictability and stability as you near retirement

Income Planning

  • Social Security – Are you getting the biggest pile of money out of your family’s Social Security benefits?
  • Pension planning – What are your options for guaranteed income?
  • IRA / 401K, etc. – How/when should you distribute funds?

Live a Life Beyond What You Thought Possible

We’ll lead you to and through the retirement finish line by following these three steps.

Step One


First, we get to know you and what’s most important to you.

Step Two

Advance Planning

Then we help you see all of the possibilities for you.

Step Three

Ongoing Leadership

Then we guide you along the way toward your maximized life.

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