Pete Conway

Investment Advisor Representative

Peter Conway began his financial career at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in 1986. In the early 1990’s, he worked in London as an off-floor broker for Dean Witter International, where he traded in Asia, Europe, and the U.S. markets. He is currently a licensed Investment Adviser Representative and carries an insurance license with the Illinois Department of Insurance.

Peter Conway has been serving the Northwest Suburbs as an Investment Advisor Representative and a licensed insurance agent since 1999. Professional, experienced, and responsive, he understands your need for integrity and transparency. Peter uses proactive tax reduction strategies which allow you to enjoy a more tax-efficient lifestyle and to help you avoid tax problems in the transition of passing on your wealth to your heirs.

Peter’s approach to both life and business is about building lasting relationships. He believes that having a trusted advisor who gives you advice tailored to your shortand long-term financial goals, without regard to the direction of the stock market or interest rates, is of utmost importance.

He counsels his clients as they move through every phase of life and helps them to make the necessary adjustments to their financial plans as their needs change. Pete is committed to your long-term financial wellbeing whether it be by helping with investment planning, retirement and income planning, tax planning, or legacy planning.

Peter has helped hundreds of people over the past twenty years; enlightening and guiding them toward making informed decisions, avoiding costly mistakes, lowering their tax liability, increasing the size of their estate, and even finding assets that may have been misplaced, redirecting those dollars to help them achieve the things that they care about.

Peter is a native Chicagoan and is a lifelong Chicago Sports Fan. He enjoys skiing and spending time with his wife and their two sons.